Gregorios Lodge

No 865, United Grand Lodge of Victoria

About Gregorios Lodge

Gregorios Lodge was formed in 1980 by a number of Freemasons in Victoria, who saw a need for a lodge that catered to the needs of those Freemasons of Greek descent.

It allowed these people to meet with others of a similar background, and catered for the different levels of proficiency in the English language and the differences in their cultural background. More details of the history of the lodge can be found on the History page in this section. Since then, it has become a strong lodge with a solid membership which was initially drawn primarily from the Greek immigrant population. Today, it is increasingly moving more mainstream as second- and third-generation Australians of Greek background, and others who are associated with the Greek-Australians in Victoria, join and take on leadership roles in the lodge.

Although Freemasonry is generally accepted as having started in the British Isles, it has a strong and proud place in Greek history and culture, as described in the Greek Freemasonry page in this section of this web site.

It is important to note that Gregorios Lodge is a regular lodge, number 865 under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria. It always welcomes members and visitors from all parts of the Victorian community. Our meeting times are posted in the When and Where page in this section of the web site.

Our brethren love to visit, and especially love to receive visitors, with a blend of Masonic fellowship and Mediterranean hospitality. If you would like to visit and have any special requirements, please contact our Secretary.